Balanced Readers: Growing Bundle

Every Balanced Reader story includes 4 days of phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and word work practice!

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I am very excited to bring you this GROWING Bundle of Balanced Readers!

What are Balanced Readers?

  • Balanced Readers are short stories focused on a specific phonics or spelling patterns.
  • They are a combination of decodable and predictable readers that help bring a balanced approach to reading.

Who will Benefit From Balanced Readers?

  • Students in upper elementary, middle school, or even high school who need phonics practice without working with resources that are too babyish.
  • Lower elementary students who are working to master phonics skills.
  • English language learners of all grade levels.
  • Students with dyslexia who need intentional repeated practice on specific phonics skills.

What is Included in the Magic -e Set?

  1. 20 passages focused on specific magic –e spelling patterns..
  2. Google Drive digital version
  3. Dyslexic-friendly font (arial)
  4. 20 comprehension Pages (multiple choice and open-ended)
  5. 20 word work practice pages (complete the sentence, Create the sentence)
  6. 20 suffixes practice pages (learn how words change when common endings are added)

Every Balanced Reader story includes 4 days of phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and word work practice!


Each story includes beautiful custom artwork, created exclusively for Out of This World Literacy by Malaya Bengel Art


  1. Magic -e
  2. Long Vowel Pairs
  3. Short Vowels


Over the course of the next several months I'll be releasing these sets:

  1. Vowel Digraphs
  2. Vowel Diphthongs
  3. R-controlled Vowels
  4. Consonant Digraphs
  5. Consonant Blends
  6. Special Consonant Patterns

There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for all future sets added to this bundle!

How Balanced Readers Were Born:

My son Jonah is in 5th grade and dyslexic. He struggles with reading and I was about to pull my hair out after going over the silent e rule for the 1,002 time in the past 3 years.

I started thinking about decodable readers. Then I did a TON of research on both decodable and predictable readers.

I wanted to create something that is a balance between having intentional, repeated, phonics practice AND a whole language approach, where students study illustrations and vocabulary within the context of a story to help solve new words.

It's also very important to me to create work that helps students (especially those who struggle) develop reading confidence and a love of reading.

From this, I created the new Balanced Readers!

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4 Days of Work for Each Story!

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