Do you wish you could determine all your students’ reading abilities in one day so you could provide appropriate learning opportunities for them?

If that's you, then these Lexile-Leveled Reading Comprehension Passages are for YOU!

I am so excited to be sharing these custom illustrated passages for you and your students to enjoy!

Use them as Quick Baseline Reading Assessments and determine every students' reading abilities in just ONE day!

Follow These Steps:

  1. Choose the grade level you are teaching.
  2. Print or digitally assign the passage that matches your grade level.
  3. Have all students read and respond to the grade level passage. *You may assign 2-3 passages to analyze more than one score.
  4. Grade each assessment and use the following data tracking pages for a quick assessment of each students’ reading ability level.
  5. Begin a formal benchmark assessment with readers working on the lowest levels..
  6. Use additional passages for active learning while you individually benchmark students.

*** For a Benchmark Assessment System, CLICK HERE

What is Included:

  1. 20 stories with an end of the school year theme.
  2. Custom artwork in both color and black and white.
  3. A student comprehension page with 5 vocabulary, 4 multiple choice, and one open-ended question.
  4. Professionally Leveled By Lexile and OOTWL.
  5. Teacher data tracking pages for quick reading assessments.
  6. Digital Versions.
  7. Completer answer keys.


CLICK HERE to see the Bundle of Leveled Comprehension Stories

Included Story Sets:

  1. Back to School
  2. Halloween
  3. Holidays Around the World
  4. Valentine's Day
  5. Spring
  6. End of the School Year

Copyright © 2022 Jen Bengel

All rights reserved by author.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.

Not for public display.

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