Reading Intervention Program: Sets H-K

This Bundle Includes 100 Passages for Reading Level Range H-K

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1. 100 reading passages with appropriate content and language for levels H-K (including both fiction and nonfiction passages).

2. Reading passages in 5 different student-friendly formats

3. Teacher/tutor fluency page with clear directions, running record with word count, and space for scoring fluency skills.

4. Targeted Comprehension questions for each passage

5. Targeted Word Work activities for each passage

6. 5 Bolded vocabulary in each passage, with space for students to define each word.

7. Teacher/tutor comprehension, word work, and vocabulary instruction pages with space to collect data and additional comprehension questions for guided instruction.

8. Progress monitoring pages for teachers/tutors to track student growth with fluency, comprehension, word work, and vocabulary.

Each passage is NOT individually leveled, however, they range from Fountas and Pinnell Levels H-K.

The daily intervention lessons contain extra practice with:

1. Reading Fluency
2. Comprehension (with weekly targeted skills)
3. Word Work (with weekly targeted skills)
4. Vocabulary (5 daily vocab. Words in every passage)

1. As a daily tier 2 reading intervention (as a small group of 3-4 students 1 year below reading grade level)

2. As a daily tier 3 intensive one-on-one reading intervention (most often with students 2+ years below reading grade level)

3. As a tier 2 ADVANCED intervention (as a small group of advanced, or gifted students who are above their grade’s reading level)

4. In literacy centers for extra reading practice

5. In guided reading groups for a structured tier 1 program

6. Administered by aids or school volunteers either daily or a few times a week to small groups or one-on-one.

7. As homework practice on reading. As a way for kids to simply spend more time reading and thinking about their reading.

8. One passage due per week

9. In a literature circle, where students from the same reading level range read and discuss the passage

10. In a reading partner setting during reading workshop

11. As a whole group, using the comprehension skills as mini lesson topics

Each of the 5 Reading Intervention Sets can be purchased for $18 each, totaling $90. This Bundle saves you $18, so that's like getting one set free

OPTION ONE: purchased in a bundle of all one set per level range. This is a great option if you work with readers across several level ranges. Those bundles include 7 sets each, totaling $126 and discounted to $108 (like getting one set free)

OPTION TWO: purchased as the ENTIRE Reading Intervention Program. If you purchase the entire program with all 700 passages, you will save $145 (like getting 8 sets free).

Are each of the passages leveled separately?

A: Each passage is not leveled separately. I believe students can read on more than just one reading level. I think we limit our kids when we place them on only one level. That is why each set is a ‘range’ of 3-4 levels. If your students struggle reading the passage independently, it’s a perfect opportunity for reading instruction and modeling of reading to occur!

Is this program research-based?

A: Yes! I have a pilot team that has been in place for two years. They are using the program in a variety of ways and reporting data to me. I will have the research results from the 2015-2016 school year available soon. Also, the program was designed after careful research in the best practices in reading instruction. Multiple professional development resources created from decades of research were studied and used as theoretical foundations to the program. The comprehension, word work, and vocabulary are all designed to specifically match the learning needs of readers at each level range.

Can parents do this at home?

A: Absolutely! The program is designed with careful instructions so that parents, aids, and school volunteers can easily administer and assess students’ reading skills. It is very easy to follow! Even students can work independently or with partners after they complete a few passages.

What reading program did you use to level the ranges?

A: I used Fountas and Pinnell for my reading levels. If you use a different program you can match it up with the conversion chart found here.

Are there answer keys provided?

A: Yes! There are answer keys for each of the comprehension questions in every passage.

How many of the passages are fiction and nonfiction?

A: In almost all the sets it is a 50/50 split, with 10 passages being fiction and 10 being nonfiction. There are fantasy, realistic fiction, biographies, informational, and content specific passages to name a few. The passage topics were carefully matched to common interests and understandings of students at each level.

About how long are the passages?

A: The passage lengths vary by their range. Here is a breakdown of passage lengths by levels:

Levels A-D >> 50-65 words

Levels E-G >> 95-125 words

Levels H-K >> 140-170 words

Levels L-P >> 200-240 words

Levels Q-T >> 255-320 words

Levels U-W >> 255-320 words

Levels X-Z >> 255-320 words

What is the difference between the first and fifth set in every level range?

A: As far as the levels and passage difficulty, there is no difference from set one to set five. The sets do NOT get increasingly more difficult from set one to set five. The difference in each set is 20 new reading passages, along with different comprehension, word work and vocabulary skills to practice.

Do you use a new passage every day?

A: You can! But, you do not have to. The program is designed to be used in many ways (see ‘Ways to Use the Program’). Some teachers chose to focus on one passage for an entire week, while others move into a new passage each day. It truly depends on your schedule, and the learning needs of your students!

Do the students complete the passages independently?

A: They can, but if they need help, you can certainly do so. It is totally open to your students’ needs how you would like them to complete the work each day! Every classroom will be slightly different based on what works best for them!

How did you determine that the passages fit within each level range?

A: I used a combination of four things to determine that each passage was appropriate for the range it is in. First, I researched the Continuum of Literacy Learning by Fountas and Pinnell. I studied what readers can and cannot do at each of the guided reading levels in the Continuum. Second, I compared the passages to other texts at those levels to be sure the text difficulty, content, and sentence structures were appropriate. Third, I used the Fry Readability Scale to calculate each passage’s grade level. And finally, I used my training, experience, and understanding in theory as a Literacy Collaborative Coordinator to verify that the passages were appropriate for each level range.

How can I gauge progress monitoring if the passages don't have one reading level?

A: This is a really great question. As I’ve said before, I believe kids are more than capable to perform on a range of levels, not just one. I use the progress monitoring data not so much to put them on one level as I do to see reading growth. I look at how they are growing in their comprehension, word work, vocabulary, and fluency skills. When I see growth in these key reading areas, I know they are becoming stronger readers, regardless of the text level. I know many teachers who use the program and progress monitor these skills. Then, they take a quarterly benchmark assessment with a leveled standardized program and see huge growth!

Below are just a few quotes from the 1,000's of teachers who are using the program and seeing huge success!

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Jen Bengel

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